Colour and luminosity are important elements in Gita's work, in which she tries to capture the light to create the illusion of transparency. Gita's stunning and mesmerising depiction of semi-precious gemstones, displays a perfect balance of light, shadow, colour and luminosity.


Fascinated by the play of light on a still object, Gita observes the patterns of the shadow and the subtle nuances with which the light is captured and reflected - enhancing movement and mood to her composition. Incorporating the glazing technique in her current still life series, Gita paintstakingly paints thin transparent layers of acrylic paint one on top of the other creating visual depth, brilliance and luminance - a process she considers meditative.  


The slightly textured background of her paintings is made by applying several layers of thin acrylic paint which is subsequently removed revealing lines and traces that give her work additional depth and complexity.




Acrylic paint on canvas, 20x20 cm, 2019, SOLD





Acrylic paint on cradled wood panel, 20x20 cm, 2019





Acrylic paint on cradled wood panel, 20x20 cm, 2019